13 Sisters Circle | winter-summer 2024

An in person 6 month journey in the elements of tantric alchemy and feminine teachings at Temple in the Trees January 26 -June 26, 2024

13 Sister Circle | elements of tantric alchemy • • • is an in person 6 month journey in the elements of tantric alchemy and feminine teachings at Temple in the Trees. Circles meet in person once monthly starting just after Winter Solstice and the New Year & ending Summer Solstice in June 2024


A new circle has been forged & it is strong. One that is intimate, concentrated, committed. One in which we will delve into our meaningfulness all the more with one another.

sovereignty • synergy • sacredness

We arrive to learn about ourselves • we connect to the power of a circle of women • we create ripples in the worlds we inhabit

It is personal: this is where we fall in love with ourselves • it is interpersonal : this is where we interact & connect with others powerfully • it is transpersonal: this is where we affect change and tap into our divinity

Six month, once a month in person circles with optional in person & virtual field trip dates to further our ritual, sit around fires and forage in meadows and forests.

Limited space available for this intimate group. Open to only 13 women.

:: COST ::


Cost covers:

6 Circles, once monthly Jan-June

2 field trips on weekend dates to be determined

1 Summer Solstice Celebration Ceremony with larger sisterhood with other 13 Sister Circle

Ongoing collaborative engagement & conversations via private What’s App thread


Circles held once monthly on the following dates:

optional pot-luck dinner 6-7

Circle 7-10pm






6/26 13 Sisters Culminating Circle Celebration

2 additional Field trip dates to be determined & decided on by group consensus.


Temple in the Trees

106 Calvary Ct SE

Leesburg, VA 20175

Temple in the Trees is a private residence tucked away in the woods of Northern Virginia, overhanging the creek of Tuscarora with private outdoor and indoor areas to gather, play, create and alchemize. For more information visit: ourtempleinthetrees.com


13 Sisters Circle is designed to hone the principles of radical self expression, participation and immediacy.

We seek to overcome barriers that stand between us and a recognition of our inner selves and contact with a natural world exceeding human powers.


We believe that transformative change, whether in the individual or in society, can occur only through the medium of deeply personal participation.


We achieve being through doing. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play.


‘May you lean in to the changes and

cycles you are being called toward.

May you find the courage to trust, love,

and accept yourself, and shout “Yes” to the

burn of transformation.

This is where you enter.

This is where you shoot out of the cracks

you’ve fallen into.

This is where the waiting ends and a new

you is born.

You may lean in.

You may lean in.”

– The She Book, Tanya Markul

With Great Devotion to our Aliveness –

Lara Blackin

Temple Keeper, Tantric Embodiment Facilitator & Sacred Intimacy Practitioner

text: 443-714-6168

email: ourtempleinthetrees@gmail.com


I’m Lara Blackin, your guide & owner of Temple in the Trees and Tendrils of Green Tantric Arts.

an intimate small group setting providing connection and creativity .

We are creating friendships, a tribe of powerful women who desire to show up for themselves & eachother.

Currently 2 overlapping sessions are ongoing with a tribe of more than 26 sisters total. Additional and optional vents will be created to connect us all beyond our regular monthly gatherings.