All Gender Temple Party w/ a touch of Kink w/ Lawrence

Date(s) - 02/12/2020
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

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Join us for a very special Pre Valentines Event with special guest stars Lawrence Lanoff, and with a special flavor of kink, if you are inclined to play that way. All taking place at Michael and Lara’s special Temple in the Trees event space. You are in for a treat!! <3 Please RSVP here: This is an experiential party for the sensually adventurous. This special evening welcomes ALL and is very gender friendly. This is an invitation to dive deeply into yourself and each other in ways you may have been afraid to do in the past. This is the party you want to come to even if you've never been to one before. We create an expansive, feeling-full environment charged with electricity, yet warmly grounded and earthy. A safe and sacred container for exploring kisses and hugs in a relaxed space. This party encourages your curiosity about taking your own sensuality to the next level. The evening is a celebration of imagination and curiosity, so you may experience as many flavors as you dare. Come dressed in something that makes you feel sacred and feeling good about yourself! Next let Monique and Peter lead you through a welcome circle where a room of strangers slowly opens up and winds up on the same page, having the opportunity to be seen, heard, and understood in ways maybe you have never even imagined! What does temple party mean? In short, it is whatever it means to you. We attach the word ‘sacred’ to any practice, experience, or way-of-being that slows us down and deepens our experience of being alive. Our sensuality is a manifestation and expression-of our vital life-force and creative energy. It can play, move, and be shared and enjoyed in many ways. You are invited to co-create whatever feeds your soul. Participation with a capital "P" can mean many things and voyeurs are as warmly welcomed as the most actively engaged. It's a sensual space where participants are encouraged to explore themselves and others in ways that are stimulating, nurturing, exciting, safe and FUN! This is the party you want to come to if you've never been AND this is the party you want to come to if you want to experience how to take generating safe play space for you and your loved ones to the next level. ONLINE REGISTRATION AT: WHO SHOULD ATTEND: You are sensually and emotionally savvy enough to Play nicely with others. You're a good sharer, you take good care of your toys and you use your words. 🙂 You are somebody who knows your own wants and boundaries and can communicate them clearly...... and/or you're someone willing to work and explore these areas for your own growth and enjoyment! You treat yourself and others with respect and kindness. If you're reading this, thinking, "I would love to come, but I don't want to play," PLEASE COME and enjoy the pressure-free company of like-minded individuals and exit whenever you wish. Really. There will be no pressure for you to do ANY activity at this party at any time. My biggest request is that you come with a fun-loving, warm, caring, open-minded, generous, thoughtful, compassionate, non-judgmental attitude and that you conduct yourself with the highest level of integrity possible. This will be a very chill, fun, playful event. Come relax. Come smooch. Come play. Come watch. Bring some popcorn. All genders, bodies, and orientations welcome. Come as you are and have a great time! we especially welcome trans, intersex, queer and other folks living anywhere within the spectrum - we recognise how heteronormative spaces can be and aim to challenge this through our conversations and actions.., TIME: Doors open at 7:30 PM and CLOSE AT 8:00 PM. BE ON TIME as it is essential to have everyone present for the opening circle. There will not be anyone admitted after the doors are closed to preserve the safety of our space. The Welcome Circle is what we use to introduce ourselves to one another, craft meaningful conversations, share any boundaries and relationship agreements people should know about and get all comfy and ready to play. There will be a closing circle at midnight. PLEASE text Monique at 201 539 6653 if you're unavoidably running late, but please just be on time! WHAT TO BRING: Whatever food and drink you might want for the evening. No drugs or alcohol please. We like our attendees to be present and capable of connection. Bring whatever clothing you'd like to don and lounge in while we frolic or just throw on your regular weekend clothes for relaxation. Bring along whatever toys or accessories you feel comfortable sharing with select individuals and whatever protection makes you feel safe, whatever you might be needing to create that perfect evening. Oh, and of course, please bring a Playful attitude and an open heart and mind. COST: Love Exchange starting at $50 male identified ($30 for female and non binary identified) $80 Per couple RSVP HERE: Join us for all our January and Feb DC Events: All Gender Temple Party + pre-Connecting with Monique & Peter Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM Interfusion Festival: Evolution Thursday - Monday, January 16, 2020 at 4 PM – Jan 20 at 2 PM EST Tantra Practitioner Apprenticeship Women working with Women Jan 21 at 11 AM – Jan 26 at 10 AM EST Soulful Pink Puja with Sasha Rose Love Monday, January 20, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM The Soul of Authentic Connecting with Peter Petersen Tuesday Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 10 PM Contact Improv and Cuddles with Peter Petersen Wednesday Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM Art of Conscious Touch & Intentional Orgasm w/ Sasha & Peter P Thursday Thursday, January 23, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 11 PM All Gender Dance and Temple Party led by Peter & Sasha Friday, January 24, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 12 AM Tantric Massage Secrets for Couples w/ Peter P & Sasha Rose Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 1 PM – 5 PM Intro to Self Pleasure Meditation with Sasha Rose Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM AND IN FEBRUARY All Gender Temple Party + pre-Connecting with Monique & Peter Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM All Gender Temple Party w/ a touch of Kink w/ Lawrence Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM The Tantric Arts of S@x, Energy, Power, & Intimacy DC Area Feb 13 at 10:30 AM – Feb 16 at 5:30 PM All Gender Temple Party +Energy w/ Lawrence Monique & Peter Monday, February 17, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM Art of Adoration Ceremony with Monique Darling & Peter Petersen Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 10 PM ABOUT YOUR FACILITATORS: Lawrence Lanoff, Sedona, AZ, one of the most fascinating people on the teaching landscape is Lawrence Lanoff. Truly a renaissance man, Lawrence is a film director, photographer, author… and a deeply enlightened healer and teacher. He calls himself a “rubber meets the road kinda guy” as he applies this practical essence to his artistic and spiritual skills over a 20 year span, to an amazing array of disciplines, starting with a couple of dream jobs – the directing of movies and as a photographer for Playboy Magazine. Over the past several years, Lawrence has been in a process of refining his radical teachings, leading people into a new kind of freedom, literally deprogramming them from the sleep imposed by cults and religions. What is slowly evolving is a revolutionary new theory of consciousness that incorporates evolution, symbolism, metaphor, neurobiology, and their relationship to healing, spiritual evolution, and neuro-economics — the neural pathways that influences our deepest feelings about self worth and money, and, of course, sex and relationships. Monique Darling, Author of 'Beyond Cuddle Party' and workshop facilitator extraordinaire, was born on this planet with the unique gifts and soul calling to help you remember how magnificent you truly are! Messages from your ancestors, your spirit guides, your body, nature, your soul, are all called upon and utilized so that you walk away knowing how deeply the cosmos loves you for YOU, exactly as you are, so you can begin to love and accept yourself too. YOU, you are the gift! Peter Petersen has been teaching qigong for 18 years and has been a certified massage therapist for the last 16 years. Peter has been teaching in health clubs, hospitals, retirement villas, and several different wellness/spa resorts in Mexico and the United States, such as Rancho La Puerta, Mayacamas Ranch, and Present Moment Retreat. Peter is also a personal wellness coach. This Qigong practice helps people ground themselves into their “now” to increase their present moment awareness of their behaviors, and find simple solutions to problematic habits such as: eating, moving, negative thinking, and sleeping. The result of this tool box of healthy information is that clients become their own health advocate and regain a sense of stability, peace, and well-being into their everyday lives.

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