August Women’s Circle | Create Beauty

Welcome Sisters,

This is place to come be heard, grow with support and shed the weight of what’s burdening you and shed light on what’s calling you into being! Here we uplift & carry each others dreams & visions forward with loving communication & steadfast commitment to your highest self.

Here we gather to inspire & empower one another.


Come join in a very special evening on Monday night 8/15 & connect with sisters in conversation, nurturing self care & artistic expression. I will introduce a powerful breath meditation to open up us up to our creative prosperity. Together & independently we will create art, activate our imagination & expression and commit to resourcing ongoing creation with each other & ourselves. You will come away from our circle with new tools for creating art with enhanced embodied personal expression.

By tuning into our artistry we will create a direct access to our personal expression and are invited to then come to our circle of conversation with an abundance of what is alive in each of us that we can share through words, emotional release, movement, song, sound.

In a time when our personal freedom & expression as women is being challenged by our government and laws, in this circle we unleash our unabashed and unapologetic selves as females fully.

Bring your fire. Bring your softness. Bring the artistry that is uniquely you as the talent is within you simply in being a woman.
🌜🌜🌝🌛🌛 . 🌜🌜🌝🌛🌛

Our Circle this month is also an ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION. Join us in celebrating 3 years of holding Circles continuously since July 2019.

To celebrate,
Bring a gift for another in our
gift exchange.

Bring an item that was once yours that had significance to you and is now ready to move on into another’s experience. Ex) a tarot deck, a favorite handbag, a piece of jewelry, a fun piece of clothing or costume, a vase (with flowers 🌸), a musical instrument, a piece of art…


🌞 Please join early so we can start promptly. Doors open at 6 with optional shared pot-luck dinner.
🌞Circle starts and doors close at 7

Please Bring:
🌱 yourself
🌱a friend!
🌱something yummy to eat and share if you are joining us for potluck dinner 6-7

– an openness to be quiet and listen
– your voice to be heard
– your curiosity to learn from other
-your courage to be authentically you
– your eyes to see and be seen
– clothes that you can move in with comfort
– your humor and your sincerity

Is this Circle for you? :

Have you ever felt called to connect with your fellow woman? Ever feel like you need a non-judgmental, supportive place to talk openly about your hopes, fears, desires, vulnerabilities, dreams? What if you could become part of a community of women that meets regularly and strives to elevate one another. If this feels right, then our Women’s Circle is for you.

All female identifying persons are welcome here. This is safe space for all beings to come exactly as we are.

Join us monthly for an informal gathering of women where our topics of discussion can range anywhere, for example:

-Self Care
-Being Vs Doing
-Stalking our Shadows
-Compassionate Communication
– Stresses of responsibility
– Free release of emotion

Together, we will make this a group that supports, uplifts, challenges & communicates with compassion.

You are invited to participate in movement, meditation, energetic & physical touch, emotional release techniques & be held in support with other female identified sisters who lovingly hold this sacred space.

All embodiments are welcome! This is a shame free zone.

Any questions please contact Lara Blackin,
Temple Keeper,
Tantric Embodiment Facilitator & Practitioner
Temple in the Trees, Leesburg VA

Address: 106 Calvary Ct SE Leesburg VA 20175

Covid Protocols:
This is an adult space. We are trusting all in attendance to use your best judgement and attend if it feels in alignment with you and your health & the health of others.

Cost: Free

We believe strongly that the core value of our men’s and women’s circles is service to the community at large. Our circles are not a class or a workshop, but supportive environments where we all learn from and contribute to each other. The energy exchange is not financial but in showing up and being present for yourself and others.
We kindly ask that this be a commerce free environment, no soliciting please, and as such we do not charge for these sacred circle events.


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