Dark Descent into Presence | Tantric Workshop

Date(s) - 09/30/2022 - 10/02/2022
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Temple in the Trees


Ticket Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/357248549027/

Three night, two day tantric workshop to reclaim the dark. Reclaim taking. Reclaim grounded, loving presence.

We think we know the dark. We act or feel dark (through dress, music, and mood) but we aren’t actually there.

Dark is landed physical matter. Dark is primal. Dark is the particle in a sea of waves and electricity in a field of magnetism.

Dark is here and now. It’s what is confronting you. It wants a hug… not more light. Not a bypass. Not a happy quote. It wants to be seen, felt, and appreciated for what it is… like a lover.

We’ll meet and love the dark in the universe, on the earth, in each other, and in ourselves.

All are welcome, wherever you identify on the gender or relationship spectrums. You may want to attend this event if you are easily distracted. If you feel life pulls you in many directions at once. If you feel you acquiesce to requests you’d rather not. If you endure. If you don’t know what you want. If you worry your desire will keep others away. If you feel you spend more time in your head than in your body. If you envy the power in others you don’t think you have.

What Will I Experience:
-This experience will guide you through rituals and embodied learning.
-This experience will bring you to the edge of your triggers to melt new-found fears.
-This experience will provide tools to find presence and grounding in any situation.
-This experience will tap into latent/nascent powers so they can be seen, heard, and felt.
-This experience will increase your capacity for pleasure.
-This experience will dismantle stories about why you don’t get what you want.

-Friday 7pm-11pm (doors open at 6pm)
-Saturday 10am – 11pm
-Sunday 10am – 11pm

What to Bring:
-Loose fitting clothes
-Clothes that make you feel sexy
-Optional: Favorite kink toys or oil/lube
-Meals will not be provided so either bring your own or plan to go out/order in.
-Accommodations are not included but can be purchased with your ticket.

Confidentiality, sobriety, ahimsa, openness, cleanliness

About Darkstar Temple:
Darkstar Temple was secretly formed in the northern California woods under the stars surrounded by bears and gold veins. The initial mission was to bring dark-masculine energy to transformational, ritualistic, and healing spaces. Our co-founders recruited seven other members and only a few are known publicly.
Today, Darkstar Temple designs experiences and rituals in multiple countries, states, and cities for large groups and individual seekers looking for deep, lasting shifts in their world.

“Aaron’s grounded presence is felt. While he walks on this earth light on his feet, he can quickly redirect his energy into significant space holding, in a profound and whole way. I trust Aaron fully in temple and ritual space to conduct himself with integrity and intention.” – Dana H

“Aaron is an exquisite space holder: super calm, super grounded, and super attuned. I have always felt completely safe in any container that he’s held. And he has held some pretty wild ones that I’ve participated in!I am quite in awe of the magic, beauty, and healing that has resulted both for me and many others that I shared these spaces with. Aaron is also just a wonderful and absolutely hilarious human. I feel my life becoming more interesting and enjoyable around him. May we all be so lucky to get to work with someone like Aaron!”- Carter C

“We all have a deep inner knowings. Aaron is adept at asking the questions that allow clients to intentionally connect with these personal truths. He functions as a an ambassador, reintroducing parts of self that may have lost touch with each other. A session with Aaron is like coming home to oneself.”- Tracy D

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