Energy Sxx Pleasure Playground Online Festival DC

Date(s) - 05/16/2020 - 05/17/2020
8:00 am - 7:00 pm


Energy Sxx A Transformational Pleasure Playground
Online Festival !! 2 days of magic brought to you from Energy Masters around the Globe.
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‘Mom, I think you need to call Uncle Brent.’
“It’s late, I’ll call him in the morning,” she replied.
I pestered her for a few more minutes.
With a stern warning, she sent me back to bed.
‘Don’t bother me again.’

I tossed and turned all night with frightening visions and the most excruciating headache of my life. It lasted until early morning when my mom got a phone call from my aunt: Brent had died that night. The compassion and validation I hoped to find in my mom’s eyes didn’t happen. I was met instead with a look of anger and terror.
I learned, in that moment, at a very early age that it wasn’t safe to share my uniquely sensitive experience of life with others.
Colors were so bright. Sounds affected me much more than those around me. People called me ‘crazy.’
As I got older I realized I could orgasm with the slightest breeze, sitting up against a tree, or fantasizing being with an imaginary lover. More than anything else, I had a feeling I was connected to God/Goddess, the Universe, and it was through these orgasmic, energetic Sxxual experiences that I felt the connection the strongest.

When I discovered the Tantra community, and I was introduced to people like Reid Mihalko and Lawrence Lanoff, I found out others had an energetic capacity similar to my own, that they had lovers and friends who celebrated them for it, who didn’t fear or condemn it. Seeing this made me feel more safe to explore my own capacity. I’ll never forget the first time I experienced a full blown physical orgasm from just walking on Reid’s calf. Or the first time Lawrence and I made love from 1,000’s of miles apart by tuning into one another’s frequency. Or the time I was sitting close to Destin Gerek, and he leaned over and whispered everything he knew my yoni was longing for, just because he sensed it energetically. I realized I had been trying to lock down and hide from a magical world that so many others were looking for and longing to experience.
Since that taste, I’ve taught with other incredible facilitators around the planet, helping people get in touch with how energy occurs for them so they can expand their own pleasure playground.

I realized I wanted others to have a shorter learning curve than I did. It took me 34 years to begin to understand and appreciate my gifts around energy. I want you to be experience your own unique energy gifts NOW!
So I’ve gathered my dear friends and lovers from around the globe, each one a true energy master of their own right, and asked them to bring their greatest tips, tools, and treasures – shall we say pleasure box? – for 48 hours of lectures and workshops to help you harness, integrate, and enjoy energy more in every aspect of your life!

How many of you can relate with having energy sensitivity? How many of you are longing to get more in touch with your energetic capacity for ecstasy?

This will be 2 full days of online lecture and experiential playshops that you will NEVER forget! Each presenter, a maverick educator of energy and consciousness. Each one bringing their own unique perspectives from years of teaching inner inquiry, experiential exploration, and infinite curiosity into just how GOOD we can feel in our bodies. They are passionate about sharing what has been useful in their vast experience to become aware of, and let go of, values, constructs, “myths” that no longer serve while opening up to play, growth, and exponential capacity for pleasure. Dropping more fully into stillness, acceptance, and celebrating the NOW exactly as IT IS!

When erotic impulses are free flowing in the body, something natural and beautiful happens in our psyche and life pulsates with aliveness. Sxxual energy is a profound whole-body healer and can bring forth delicious feelings of bliss and ecstasy from endorphin release. We will explore underlying principles and approaches to playing with sxxual energy, energetically.

These life-expanding classes will be broadcast throughout the day and night so all time zones will be able to access live if they choose. For two weeks following the Festival, the content will remain available on our secret festival group page where you will have time to watch or rewatch your favorite replay. The group will also be a place to connect with other energy geeks and like minded folk from various communities around this beautiful world.

Regardless of what belief system you subscribe to, our bodies are always giving off signals. Especially during sxx! These cues and clues can be read and tracked with practice, interacting with them in a focused state. Engaging these subtle and powerful energies can open you to the deepest kind of transformational experience there is.

Experience – Practice – Play!
-Anchor an ability to transform life into an orgasmic playground far more expansive than traditional sxx
-Deepen your connection to your own energetic field
-Strengthen and hone your skills to engage and play solo and one-on-one
-Reinforce your abilities and awareness for engaging in group energetic play
-Find ways to tap into energy and communion from chakra to chakra
-Develop self-care practices and become comfortable setting boundaries
-Release shame and haunting memories
-Claim your right to sxxual pleasure and passion
-Learn communication skills that encourage asking for what you want, both verbally and non verbally

There will be times during the festival when the atmosphere will be highly sensual and energetically sxxual. All activities and exercises will be guided and are optional. You can participate in the workshop solo, with a partner, and in small groups.

You are invited to take these gifts home with you…
Show up authentically in life
Interact with exuberance
Express yourself powerfully
Connect tenderly with others
Inhabit your true nature
Live passionately!

Open to the possibility …
As you peel your layers and reveal the tender heart inside, you expose and share that which seems most unacceptable. Here, you find yourself met with eyes of love, respect, and understanding. In the space we create together, a circle of true and limitless healing can form. This program aims to awaken our infinite, unexpressed potential.
Come as you are – leave as all you were born to be.

This Powerful One of a kind Pleasure Playground is only $69 and includes over 20 hours of powerful insight and practices in the Energetic Realm. Plus access to the group, participants, and content for two weeks following the festival weekend.

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There will also be 20 $49 discount tickets available if you can’t currently afford the $69, and we have 10 scholarship tickets for those who want to join but don’t have money to do so. We are happy to have you help promote instead. We want to make it possible for everyone who wants to be a part of this life changing weekend to be able to join …

Our World Class Presenters:
Your hosts Monique Darling and Peter Petersen from Everyday Tantra
Reid Mihalko
Lawrence Lanoff
Eugene Hedlund
Destin Gerek
Shashi Solluna
Laurie Handlers and Michael Gibson
James Stevenson
Lin Holmquist
Cathy Vartuli
Wilrieke Sophia
Kamala Devi Mcclure
Ashley Manta
Taina Ixchel
Sasha Rose Love
Frank Mondeose
And bonus teachers including
Katarina Amadora