Get Lucky Temple Party

Celebration for those who have attended at least one Deeper or Spark class.

Come join your new Tantric Community of Temple in the Trees class participants in a fun, sexy celebration of our connection, intimacy and transformation!

Open to Spark and Deeper class participants only!

Love to all,

Lara and Michael


The TANTRIC TEMPLE is a SACRED, intentional space for those sincere in their quest to EMBODY higher and deeper levels of LOVE, ECSTASY, SELF-AWARENESS, INNER UNION and CONSCIOUSNESS informed by a tantric perspective.

Tantra is understood as a life-path of FULL-BODIED SPIRITUALITY and self-realization, that embraces every aspect of being as fruit for ecstatic awakening.

It is unique in its focus on the INTEGRATION OF POLARITY, most notably the polarities of masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, body and mind, sex and spirit.

Our spirituality is reconceived as both worldly and blissful.

Our transcendence grounded through the body.

Our sensuality a gateway to cosmic expansion.

The TANTRIC TEMPLE is a response to the call for sacred spaces for masculine and feminine to dance together (literally and metaphorically), to connect in the heart, commune, evolve, heal and grow together.