Interfusion Festival IX (Interfusion 2024)

Interfusion Festival brings together the like-minded for five days of learning, healing, play and connection on MLK weekend.

Interfusion Festival was founded in 2016 under The Institute for Integrative Wellness (IFIW). Since that time, it has become the primary indoor transformative festival of North America bringing together the like-minded on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. It is a grassroots community-centered creative project with more than twenty percent of participants involved in the creative or services process that bring Interfusion to life.


A Modern Day Oasis. The festival takes place at the Crystal Gateway Marriott located at: 1700 Richmond Highway, Arlington, VA 22202. This 4.5-star hotel is located just minutes from Washington, D.C. and Reagan National Airport (DCA). Travel with ease with a complimentary roundtrip shuttle to DCA and an interior corridor connecting you to the entire Metro.


During the daytime explore workshops across multiple programs that are carefully designed for both individual and shared learning experiences, from beginners to advanced offerings. While no partner is required to participate, partnerships may be formed during workshops, with facilitators often providing an option to rotate with others to create the best learning environment possible. Learn more about the daytime festival experience:


At nighttime the festival grounds transforms into an enchanted playground with eight unique social gathering and activity spaces. Interfusion’s Candlelight Conversations, AcroYoga Jam & Serenity Lounge are open throughout the night offering a retreat for those needing a break from the high-energy action. Learn more about the night program activities:


Interfusion Festival features nearly a hundred guides collaborating across 10 programs to support you in rising to higher states of growth and wellbeing. Learn more about the incredible artist to share their wealth of knowledge and disciplines:


From educational offerings to exposure to healthy social outlets, lifestyles and supportive communities, Interfusion Festival’s mission is to bring awareness of a collective of practices and modalities to promote an integrative approach to wellness for our multidisciplinary festival community. Learn more about our mission and values:


All members of the Interfusion community have the right to feel safe and exercise their consent throughout the entire duration of their attendance of the festival. Therefore, all attendees must adhere to the Consent Code of Conduct at all times. Learn more about the Consent Policy and Code of Conduct:


Whether you’re coming with a partner or alone, Interfusion is a powerful bonding experience that enables you develop new interpersonal connections as well as deepen existing ones. Stay connected on social media by joining our Facebook Community group:


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With love and respect.

Interfusion Team