Sold Out! January Tantra 101: Spark Your Curiosity | Connective Classes for Couples

Tantra 101: Spark Your Curiosity | Connective Classes for Couples

Series of six in person, intimate, small group classes.

7:30pm – 10:00pm EST

Lara & Michael Blackin, tantric educators, teach simple and profound tools for navigating your pleasure, presence & purpose with yourself and with your partner. With Lara and Michael as your guides, join us for the full series to maximize your experience.

Perks for full series participants include:

  • Free One Hour Coaching Call ($200 value)
  • Two free tickets to March 16th “Get Lucky” Temple Party exclusively for Spark Your Curiosity attendees ($222 value).
  • 20% off up to three full priced couples’ private sessions through June.

Drop-in single class tickets also available or sets of three. All are welcome!

Have you ever been curious about Tantra? Would you like to deepen connection with yourself, a beloved, partner, spouse or lover? Do you equate Tantra with sxx and sensuality?

Our Tantra 101 classes are playful, sexy and smart. Open to all-levels of learning, they are designed for the curious who are just beginning their relationship with the tantric arts.

What will couples experience?

  • Discover and embody power you never knew you had
  • Expansion of self, love and pleasure
  • The importance of consent and boundaries
  • Eye to eye, heart to heart, body to body connection
  • New ways your body can experience sensation
  • Amplification of arousal, presence and sxxual potency
  • How Tantra, sensuality & mindfulness complement one another

Join us for this exquisite, in-person, small group class, where couples will be experiencing hands on embodiment practices with your partner, meditation & group discussion.


  • $169 per class per couple
  • $444 per couple for three classes
  • $777 per couple for entire series of six classes

Contact us at: or FB messenger

In this experiential workshop series, learn about how Tantra can revolutionize your relationships.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is Sanskrit word meaning “Expansion Tool”. It’s a spiritual practice where nothing is separate from the Divine, including your mind, body, energy, sxx and connections. Nothing is excluded. Tantra also teaches that the answers aren’t “out there” to be found, but rather they have been inside you all along, waiting to be remembered or found.

Covid protocols: This is an adult space. We are trusting all in attendance to use your best judgement and attend if it feels in alignment with you and your health & the health of others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will people be disrobed? This a personal preference at your discretion. Agreements will be discussed at opening.

Will there be confidentiality? Yes, and all agreements will be discussed at opening circle of each class.

When do I need to arrive? Please arrive early so we can close the doors promptly at 7:30pm ET. Doors open at 7:00pm ET.

What should I bring? Bring your curiosity, any comfort items to aide in creating a comfortable place to nest, and possibly some massage oils. Details provided upon registration with welcome email.

What should I wear? Dress in comfortable clothing that allows movement and engagement. We welcome sexy fun clothing that makes you and your partner feel good.

Light snacks are provided.

Doors open at 7 pm.

Starts promptly at 7:30pm.

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.”- Margaret Atwood


I really want to express that last night was very much at the edges of my comfort zone at times but perfectly within it at others. It was alternately challenging and triggering and beautifully intimate and absolutely perfect. I felt so safe to explore myself, my boundaries, and others’ in the amazing space we created together. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.

~ Richard G.

Temple in the Trees is a unique container for growth and healing. They will support you wherever you are in your journey. They provide a space and programs that encourage you to explore and the safety and guidance to engage and push past your comfort zone. My favorite part has been the opportunities to explore how to hold your boundaries and to feel all the feelings involved in that. You feel like they are in it with you, not lecturing at you, as topics and experiences are explored.

~ Miss Martini

Temple in the Trees is a delightfully safe haven for exploration and connection, and the exploration OF connection. Michael and Lara deftly lead us through a series of exercises designed to put us more in touch with ourselves and others as we explore our own boundaries and challenge ourselves to come right to our edges with confidence and curiosity. I cannot recommend this space and these facilitators more fervently. I often imagine what the world at large could be like if only everyone would take the time to walk this path with themselves and their fellow humans.

~ B. Miranda

Heart and safety are at the core of engaging with Temple in the Trees. I took a Tantra series course that opened me up to a journey through personal discomfort, release, acceptance, and self love. I felt safe to get naked and boast as one assignment asked us to do, if we felt like playing. To be raw and present in your sexuality, I can think of no safer space nor with people that care for you any deeper.

~ Jacquelyn D.