January Women’s Circle | Unify

Welcome Women! ,

Have you ever felt called to connect with your fellow woman? Ever feel like you need a non-judgmental, supportive place to talk openly about your hopes, fears, desires, vulnerabilities, dreams? What if you could become part of a community of women that meets regularly and strives to elevate one another. If this feels right, then our Women’s Circle is for you.

All female identifying persons are welcome here. This is safe space for all beings to come exactly as we are.

Join us monthly for an informal gathering of women where our topics of discussion can range anywhere, for example:

-Self Care
-Being Vs Doing
-Stalking our Shadows
-Compassionate Communication
– Stresses of responsibility
– Free release of emotion

Together, we will make this a group that supports, uplifts, challenges & communicates with compassion. For our January Circle | UNIFY

Please Bring:
♥️ yourself
♥️ a friend!
♥️ something yummy to eat and share
– an openness to be quiet and listen
– your voice to be heard
– your curiosity to learn from other
-your courage to be authentically you
– your eyes to see and be seen
– clothes that you can move in with comfort
– your humor and your sincerity

Doors open at 6:30pm
Bring a dish, savory or sweet, to share and eat together.

Circle starts and doors close at 7:30pm

Circle will be indoors.

Covid protocols :
We require negative test results prior to entry. We have a limited number of rapid tests available, so please make every effort to obtain one on your own. $25 per test. Please contact us if needed.

Peace and good health – Lara Blackin

106 Calvary Ct. SE Leesburg VA 20175