Monthly Rope Share | June

Rope Share at Temple in the Trees featuring Lady Rae

Doors open at 7pm

Rope share starts at 7:30pm

Monthly Shares at :

Temple in the Trees, Leesburg VA

Upcoming dates:

• April 27

• May 21

• June 27


• $33 a ticket

Lite snacks, filtered water & teas provided.

Please bring :

•Your own rope if you own. We have limited supplies.

• closed water bottle

• your curiosity & knowledge to share!

• • •

What is a Rope Share?

So you want to learn about rope? Me too! Come share your interests, knowledge, questions, and lessons learned.

Clear intention, clean movements, smooth rope handling, and connected communication are the critical elements of a creative and fulfilling rope experience. These things should be practiced until your hands are faster than your brain and the intentional conversations become second nature… this is my intention.

At each rope skill share, we will review foundational principles of safety and basic rope work to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe as you explore your own personal rope journey. At our first share we will discuss some of the basic principles of creating a connected and fulfilling experience with rope:

• Intention, movement, and flow: Creating shapes, functions, and opportunities to enjoy the form and flow of your partner is one of the most satisfying experiences of a rigger. What do you want the tie to do for you? Is it intended just to look pretty? to be functional (do you need handles somewhere)? Do you hope to have your partner into a particular position or predicament? How you position your partner and move around them, where you find points of balance and imbalance, and being intentional about how you introduce, engage, and lock in your tie will greatly affect the energy, look, and experience of your rope scenes. Let’s learn and practice together.

• Communication and the language of rope: Everyone’s body and mobility is different, so it is important to explore and develop your own awareness and language. This skill share invites you to explore that awareness and language to find what type of communication works for you and your partners.

• Basic rope handling, friction, and columns: Just as important as knowing your intention is knowing how to handle your rope and understanding how different ways of using speed, tension and tempo can create different experiences. The basic knots we will review and discuss at each skill share are the single column tie and the double column tie – these ties are very basic ties but are also the most foundational elements.

Dragons flying!

Suspension Rigs indoors & out.