Tantra and Tie | A Rope Odyssey

Get ready for a 6 month mind-blowing adventure where we explore the sensual art of rope bondage in a playful, mindful and intentional space.

Have you ever been turned on by the connection and intimacy of rope play?

Does the meditative quality of tying or being tied bring you pleasure?

Are you ready to uplevel your artistic mastery?

If so, then it’s time to invest in yourself and take a six month journey of learning and discovery to unearth your inner rope master.

Welcome to Tantra and Tie | A Rope Odyssey! Join us for a mind-blowing exploration of tantra and rope bondage at the enchanting Temple in the Trees. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that combines the sensuality, presence and energetics of Tantra with the artistry of rope bondage. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, this in-person event is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery and connection. Immerse yourself in a safe and welcoming space where you can learn, practice, and connect with like-minded individuals. Come and embark on this unique adventure that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and deeply connected. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the depths of pleasure and connection. Reserve your spot now, this will sell out.

Only 10 tickets available (20 participants) for this intimate small group course.

Open to all skill levels, this series of six monthly classes takes you on an intensive voyage to rope mastery.

Each ticket admits two people: One rope top (person who ties) and their rope bottom (person being tied). Costs for the full 6 month Rope Odyssey are:

  • Early Bird until 11/30: $555 per ticket (admits one top and one bottom)
  • Tier Two until 12/31: $669 per ticket
  • Tier Three until 1/31: $777 per ticket

Six monthly Wednesday classes, each from 7:30-10:30pm, plus 50% off the exclusive Temple in the Trees Summer Solstice Temple Party:

  • Jan 31 2024
  • Feb 28 2024
  • Mar 20 2024
  • Apr 24 2024
  • May 22 2024
  • Jun 12 2024
  • Jun 20 2024 – Summer Solstice Temple Party, available exclusively to Temple in the Trees class participants. $108 value. 50% off Tantra + Tie students + guest.

Six Session Curriculum:

  • 101 Basics: Safety, rope control, basic principles and skills
  • 102 Connection & Meditative Rope: Relaxing into compression ties
  • 103 Building Energy: Working with the ebb and flow of energy within rope
  • 104 Power Rope: Claiming your power in rope. Yielding your power in rope
  • 201 Basics of incorporating other tools: Safety, rope control, basic principles and skills. How to create comfort, stress, focus with rope. Bring in the Bamboo
  • 203 /204 (hybrid) structure & movements in partial suspension: Anatomy and Physics. Dynamically working with the ebb and flow of energy within rope.

Included in your Odyssey:

  • Private Facebook Group to engage and connect with participants throughout our course.
  • Direct line of support with our Critical Kinking Team via email.
  • FREE admission to Critical Kinking Rope Shares for 3 months . Dates to be announced at first class.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this for Singles or Partners? This is for partnered pairs. One rope top (one who ties) and one rope bottom (one who is tied) admitted with each ticket. This pair need not be a romantic partnership.

Covid protocols: This is an adult space. We are trusting all in attendance to use your best judgement and attend if it feels in alignment with you and your health & the health of others.

Should I bring rope? Yes. We will have rope but not enough for everyone. If you don’t have rope, we highly recommend the good people at Twisted Monk. 6-8 lengths of 6mm hemp/jute rope in 30 foot lengths & 2 lengths of 15 foot hemp/jute/posh would be ideal: https://www.twistedmonk.com/collections/rope

Will people be disrobed? This a personal preference at your discretion. Genitals must always stay covered. Agreements will be discussed at opening.

Will there be confidentiality? Yes, and all agreements will be discussed at opening circle of each class.

When do I need to arrive? Please arrive early so we can close the doors promptly at 7:30pm ET. Doors open at 7:00pm ET.

What should I bring? Bring rope, safety scissors, your curiosity, any comfort items to aide in creating a comfortable place to nest, comfy clothes, maybe a notebook, a closed top water bottle, and an open heart and mind.

What should I wear? Dress in comfortable clothing that allows movement and engagement. We welcome sexy fun clothing that makes you feel good.

Will this class be available for drop ins? We can’t guarantee there will be drop in slots available. These classes sell out quickly and we may fill up on full journey participants.

Light snacks are provided.

Doors open at 7 pm.

Starts promptly at 7:30pm

Workshop ends at 10:30pm


The Temple in the Trees, Leesburg Virginia is our home.

We welcome you here as a space for you too to come home to yourself in.

An oasis of tantric learning tucked in the woods of Northern Virginia, we are 30 minutes from DC & Frederick MD, an hour from Baltimore and 15 minutes from Dulles Airport.

Surrounded by wineries, nature, magnificent mountain view’s and historic rivers, we are a destination of peace and prosperity.


Taught by a dedicated and telented team of tantra educators and rope masters.


If you drew a Venn diagram of personal growth, kink, ethical non-monogamy, and critical thinking, you’d find an enthralled Lady Rae at its center. Equally at home as a Femme Domme, rigger, and neuro-leadership educator; she revels in the creative possibilities all of those fields provide. You might find her hanging from a hard point, circling around her prey, or just curiously watching…but you will always find her intriguing, engaging, and talking about her core values whenever she can:

  • Authenticity – tell me what I need to know to make an informed decision about how I show up
  • Courage – especially the courage to be congruent
  • Curiosity – the more I learn the more there is to learn

Vanilla Life: A successful career as a soldier, instructor, and consultant Rae has learned that clear intention and defined measures of success is key to creating the experiences we want for ourselves and those we love. Rae is excited to apply her specialized tradecraft, education, and skills to supporting the community she loves through their unique challenges, “fun
surprises, and opportunities for growth.

“For the ship with no port, no wind is favorable.”

In her own words; “My intention is to support others in advocating for their intention. My gift is recognizing the inner potential in others and creating space for them to realize their goals or change them in pursuit of fulfillment for themselves and those they love.”

Kink skills: Leadership as a Service | Facilitation | Negotiation | Shibari | Critical Kinking

Lara Blackin

Lara is a Tantric Educator, Sacred Intimacy Practitioner and Visual Artist specializing in therapeutic, sensual & energetic touch bringing aliveness to the art of living + loving. A creative leader & guide who brings multidimensional vision to her offerings, she facilitates the ignition of personal transformation in others & community.

Supporting the curious on their journey toward mindfulness and connection with conscious communication tools, intimacy practices, tantric embodiment exercises, and acclaimed artistry, Lara is a leader in the field of sacred embodiment with over 25 years of professional experience as a 1000 e-ryt Kundalini Yoga Educator & Sacred Sexual Somatic Arts Practitioner.

Lara has a BA in Theatre Arts and creates artistry with ritual, theatric event design, and is know for creating alchemic spaces for authentic self expression. Weaving art, tantra and mindfulness practices, teaching individuals and partners the art of intimacy is Lara’s greatest mission in life.

An herbal alchemist and ceramics artist, she calls upon the elements of nature to create pleasure and harmony. Lara is the owner of Tendrils of Green Tantric Arts and writes beautifully poetic essays and creates erotic art at tendrilsofgreen.com.

Creating alongside her partner Michael, they are co-proprietors of Temple in the Trees, a sacred space for community tucked away in the forests of Northern Virginia, facilitating tantric learning experiences where all beings can express themselves in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

Learn more about Lara and Temple in the Trees at https://ourtempleinthetrees.com

Michael Blackin

Michael is a Tantric educator who is passionate about supporting people on their journey to greater presence, intimacy and pleasure. He is dedicated to helping others reach their highest good, creating community, pursuing bliss and enriching all comers.

As co-proprietor of Temple in the Trees, a sacred space for community tucked away in the forests of Northern Virginia, Michael facilitates tantric learning, monthly men’s circle gatherings, movement classes, meditation, events and play to enable people to connect with others and express themselves in a safe, nonjudgmental environment


Herminio, an intrepid seeker on a journey of personal and interpersonal growth, is deeply committed to exploring the realms of connection and a life imbued with passion. Having undergone training at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) for several years, Herminio has delved into the intricate dynamics of human connection and personal transformation, cultivating a profound understanding of the interplay between mind, body, and spirit.

A practitioner of the art of BDSM, Herminio has honed his skills in the nuanced world of power dynamics and sensuality, embracing the complexities of desire and fulfillment. Intrigued by the artistry of rope and bondage, he finds both beauty and liberation in the intertwining of physical and emotional connection.

Herminio’s joy emanates from supporting others in their quest for transformational experiences. With a genuine fascination for the diverse desires that drive individuals to explore their inner worlds.

Mike D

Mike has been tying recreationally for about five years. He’s trained under several very experienced riggers in the DMV area. He prefers to work with natural jute. Recently, he’s been expanding his skills in suspension and predicament play. He most enjoys the physical and emotional connection between he and his bottom. Mike has innate natural ability to lean into the energy of his bottom, feel their needs and limitations and take them to a place deep into or out of their body.

caught in a web by BawdylilMonkey

BawdylilMonkey / Gregg

Rope Master

Kink Skills: Shibari Facilitator | Master Riger Suspension Ninja | BDSM, Power/Energy Dynamic & Consent Coach

Gregg has been in the Shibari, BDSM, and Kink worlds both personally and professionally for over two decades. He began exploring on his own at an early age.  Venturing along his journey full of curiosity, which allowed him to experiment and explore all kinds of experiences and perspectives floating around a kinky sea of options and opportunities. 

Later in life, his passion for rope grew. While living in Seattle,  he formally studied traditional Shibari/Kinbaku, along with a host of non-traditional styles.  He continues his journey today, learning from masters on both the east and west coasts, and has developed his own “fusion” style.  

Gregg’s greatest joy in life comes from helping others discover, develop, and expand their intimacy and kinky experience.

Gregg prioritizes consent, connection, and safety. His mastery allows him to  guide those who are drawn to BDSM to manage and process personal challenges or guide those who are curious and want to try new experiences.  As a Master rigger, he specializes in helping people push their limits to explore intimate relationships that go beyond the physical, to feel ethereal and cathartic, and free

Hugs by BawdylilMonkey