Thai and Tantra with Jess: Afternoon Immersion and Evening Soiree

Flow from Interfusion Festival into Temple in the Trees for deep healing, connection & pleasure with Jess’ Tantric Thai Bodywork Intensive.

Join us for a day of rest, relaxation, connection and fun. It’s with great pleasure we welcome the incomparable Jess Crutchfield back to Temple in the Trees. Keep the Interfusion vibe going and dive deep into a Tantric Thai Bodywork intensive.

This two part full day workshop is for all levels. Come to either or both sessions.

Space is limited to 18 total or 9 couples.

Session 1: Doors at 12:45, workshop 1-5:30pm, Thai Bodywork Tantric Embodiment is an afternoon-immersion into the art and embodiment of Thai Massage. This session is partnered following the guidance and demo of Jess Crutchfield. Come with a partner or as a single and be paired with another single in class.

Dinner Break: At 5:30, we will invite you to explore the area and enjoy a fresh healthy light dinner and be back for…

Session 2: Doors at 6:45, Soirée 7-10pm. In Thai Bodywork Evening Soiree, This special workshop will be fun and social in a Tantric Puja style ritual. If you choose, you’ll work with up to 10 different partners with space to connect and debrief the experience. Partnered couples are welcome and can choose to solely work with their own partner while others rotate. This will feature a different sequence than what we will be learning during Session 1.

Earlybird pricing now available until September 1:

  • Session 1:$199
  • Session 2: $169
  • Entire daylong intensive: $333

What to expect in Jess’s bodywork workshops…

  • Focus on presence & awareness and spiritual freedom
  • Connect to ourself and to our partner(s) through movement and breath
  • Unwind some of our stuck patterns in the body and mind through bodywork techniques including compression, stretching, range of motion, and more.
  • This is an experiential class – no note-taking will be necessary and Jess will provide a summary PDF of our class sequence at finish.
  • Dress in loose clothing and bring layers (givers will get warm/receivers will get cool!). No other materials necessary. Thai Bodywork is a practice done on mats on the floor with no oils. It’s also advised to be well-hydrated before arrival and to avoid eating a heavy meal before receiving bodywork.
  • Bring bolsters, cushions, or yoga mats and bodywork mats if you have them

All levels welcome, no experience of yoga or bodywork necessary – and even those with experience will benefit from these foundational, infinite practices.

For a video explanation for how to prepare for this workshop, click this link –

What is Thai Bodywork?

Thai Bodywork is an ancient healing art, said to have originated before the time of the Buddha. Often called the “lazy man’s yoga”, the receiver is passive and the practitioner stretches and compresses their body with assisted stretches, gentle twisting, rocking, and tractioning, and energy work through the breath. When offering Thai Bodywork we draw from thousands of years of healing, and incorporate elements of acupressure, massage, and deep muscle work through bodyweight mechanics. This helps the receiver to relax into the parasympathetic nervous system to naturally release blocked energy held in the body. This is a holistic practice which is designed to bring the body, mind, and spirit back to balance, and to ignite the body’s natural abilities to heal. It is an excellent complement to both active lifestyles, and to lifestyles where one does not get enough movement.

In this Tantric Thai Bodywork workshop, we will cultivate unconditional loving kindness (known as metta) through our touch to bring balance, trust, and connection to both giver and receiver. We will use the tools of receptivity, gravity, and sensitivity as you are guided through physical techniques that will allow you to practice both roles with ease and confidence. You can expect to feel restored and more connected to yourself when you leave!

Benefits of Thai Bodywork:

  • Enhances other physical practices like yoga, rock climbing, cycling, running, weight lifting, skiing, etc.
  • Strengthens resistance to injuries
  • Increases flexibility, mobility, & range of motion
  • Reduces muscle spasms & pain
  • Engages parasympathetic nervous system to ignite healing
  • Tones internal organs
  • Reduces stress & promotes deep relaxation
  • Opens internal energetic channels to assist the release of emotional blockages
  • Stimulates the circulatory system and improves blood oxygenation
  • Relieves swollen and painful joints, fatigue, & headaches
  • Improves lung capacity & breathing
  • Increases self-love and compassion
  • Deepens connection between body, mind, & spirit

About Jess

Jess Crutchfield views health AS life and is dedicated to helping others achieve and sustain good health for a healthier human race and planet. She is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach with functional medicine as a focus, Thai Bodywork private practitioner/teacher as well as Instructor at Boulder Massage Therapy Institute, a Yoga & Breath facilitator, and Boulder Zouk dance community organizer. She’s a mover of all kinds, with experience and expertise in finding embodiment in her own body through activities like yoga-ing, bodyworking, weight lifting, contact improv’ing, Ape Co moving, and zouk’ing. She’s avidly studied Authentic Relating in her Boulder community, and Conscious Communication like through NVC. In her 1st career she was an instrumental music teacher for elementary school students in Baltimore. Not only is she a skillful educator, she’s also an inspiring human who’s found tricks to being more in touch with & aware of the body and mind! That’s really the ticket to a good life, the coherence of body, heart, mind. ❤️

Her belief is that we all innately have the capacity to heal ourselves if only given the chance, and accordingly she assists her clients and students in becoming more vital, embodied, and aware. You can learn more and reach out via


“Jess is a rare gem of teacher. I’ve been in the bodywork field for over 20 years and have sat in hundreds of classes and can say Jess is a superb teacher. Her clarity, kindness, skills, and a touch of playfulness made the class fun, engaging, and practical. Definitely take classes from Jess.”

– Dr. Samuel Shay, DC, IFMCP, 5/23/2022

“Jess is a phenomenal instructor for deepening connection with a partner in a healing loving way, that includes practical guidance for body and energy work. My partner and I both came away with a new set of skills and experiences to care for each other in fun and healing ways”

– Lucia, January 2023

“Human touch is one of the most beautiful and necessary aspects of life, and Thai massage is one of the most amazing modalities I’ve found for sharing this core aspect of existence and embodiment with each other. I started learning Thai massage about ten years ago and have been in love with it ever since. I’m an absolute snob when it comes to quality body work and quality teachers, and I can honestly say that Jess Crutchfield is one of the best I’ve found at both. I’ve been to these events and they are a wonderful way to kick off your weekend in a beautiful way— by learning how we can touch each other more lovingly.”

- Ben, 10/13/2022

From a direct note to Jess, “Saw a post from you and wanted to let you know how much I respect you. Love how you balance personal and work… love how one can tell how much you love yourself through how you treat your body. You’re a model for what’s available for me. Thank You. 🙏❤️ “

– Michael, August 2023