Tantric Touch Temple for Curious Lovers

Let’s dive down deep together!  How do you like to be touched?

We are so excited to announce our virtual Tantric Touch Temple for Curious Lovers: A six week fully immersive and experiential workshop for diads and triads to deepen intimacy and have some fun.  With focus on sensation, kink and touch, including lingham and yoni work, this course is truly tantric as nothing is excluded.

The Tantric Touch Temple begins the first week in October with 6 two hour weekly sessions.

$750 per couple/thrupple but 20% off early bird pricing of $600 is available until September 15th.

Day of the week and start time will be agreed upon by the attendees after early bird signups end on September 15th. This workshop is fully LGBTQ+ friendly.

Six weekly sessions, two hours each: 

Week Session NameDescription
1Earth and FireIn which we introduce the elements of touch in general, then drill down into earth touch for safety and grounding, and fire touch for enlivening and kink. 
2Water and AirWater ritual and aryuvedic oil massage with bilateral effleurage. Air play with hair, feathers, fingertips, breath… 
3Energy and Breath/Sound/MovementMaximize pleasure by getting energy moving. Use breath, sound and movement with toning to enhance energetic massage. 
4Lingham Day!Anatomy and pleasure principles of the cock. 
5Yoni Day!Anatomy and pleasure principles of the pussy. 
6Bringing It All TogetherCreating a full immersive tantric massage session 

For tickets please sign up through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tantric-touch-temple-for-curious-lovers-tickets-117436970139