Tantra 101 Classes

This is a series of live Tantra 101 events focusing on the three pillars of pleasure: Breath, Sound and Movement. Each month we take on a different aspect of Tantra.

Have you ever been curious about Tantra? Would you like to deepen connection with yourself, a beloved, friends and coworkers? Do you equate Tantra with sex and sensuality?

What is Tantra?
Tantra is Sanskrit word meaning “Expansion Tool”. It’s a spiritual practice where nothing is separate from the Divine, including your mind, body, energy, sex and connections. Nothing is excluded. Tantra also teaches that the answers aren’t “out there” to be found, but rather they have been inside you all along, waiting to be remembered or found.

What will I experience?
– Discover and embody power you never knew you had
– Learn to manifest and drive alchemy in your body
– Expansion of Self, Love and Pleasure
– The importance of consent and boundaries

Upcoming Events