I have to say I feel a huge energy shift within my self from our circle. Everyone had some little part of their share that made a huge impact on me.

~ Amanda

Last Night was delicious. Easy. Safe. Grace. Awakening. Exciting. Satisfying. Tickling. I could go on. Thank you both for this. It was wonderful.

– Chris Chalk

Last night was incredible. We’re going to try to make this a daily practice.

– K.D. Chalk

They are both gifted and poignant facilitators with a calming effect on hundreds of participants.

– Gordon McCracken

This was my third time attending interfusion and each year keeps getting better and better. A huge thanks to the instructors of both intimate massage classes (Understanding Intimate Massage and Sensual Massage for Intimate Couples). I shared such beautiful energy with others and made some incredibly special connections.

~ Natasha Robertson

The depth of love and presence that Lara holds with gentle ease and grace is so powerful, in the most delicate possible and intimate way. She guided me through a soundful and somatic deep dive within myself that allowed me to unlock doorways of discovery into my soul purpose and inner knowing, my own gifts and strengths. With clarity, wisdom, and truly insightful mirroring, she was able to help me bring to the surface limiting beliefs and shamanically tap into my own inner landscape in a way that allowed me to release those limitations and harness my OWN clarity and wisdom. I walked away from each session feeling empowered and confident and eager to drop into the home play she provided to deepen me in my self-journey. If you’re thinking of working with her, do it. Thank you so much, Lara.

-Sol Esperanza Roja

You guys nailed it last night.. that was so much fun and informative. So much love to you both. Thank you for having these sessions. It takes a lot of organization and vulnerability for both of you to lead these. Thank you for putting yourself out there and taking a chance with these classes. They are super important, especially during these times. so looking forward to the next one.