Virtual Town Hall Replay and Next Steps
Video Replay of Town Hall

Next Step: Anti-Racist Bystander Intervention Workshop

Anti-racist bystander intervention training enables our community to stand up for one another in ways that will keep us all safer in uncontrolled, escalating situations.

From Lead Facilitator Adam Vogal: With bystander intervention and de-escalation skills, I am proud to say that even when our peace team is present at events where white supremacists, the police, and Antifa are also present, we have never had a single incident of violence. Our skills are extremely effective in keeping people safer, even in seemingly dire situations, and especially in situations where violence is threatened. The skills we offer are tried and true and easily accessible to anyone who wishes to make a real difference in their community by standing up for marginalized, victimized, and targeted individuals and groups.

During this two hour workshop, you will learn all of the basic skills needed to be effective in your bystander and de-escalation activities. Practicing these essential skills in different role-play scenarios both inside and outside of our training is the very best thing you can do to prepare for work out in the community. We will talk about how to best practice these new skills during the course.

Lead Facilitator: Adam Vogal, Founder and CEO of The Peace Professionals (, President of the
Oregon Peace Institute (, Portland Peace Team
Coordinator/De-escalation trainer. Masters in Conflict Resolution and affiliated with Pace e Bene since 2013. Training coordinator for the Portland Peace Team in Portland, Oregon. We are a group of highly trained citizens that have provided bystander intervention and de-escalation planning and services for nonviolent groups, marches, and activities in the Portland Metro area since 2011. I am also the President of The Oregon Peace Institute and CEO of The Peace Professionals, LLC, both forward-thinking organizations that teach people how to be truly effective in their peaceful and powerful advocacy for themselves and for others.